18 years ago we started with a dream and we used to think big, today we operate in 3 different countries (Malta, Italy, and Ireland) and we think even bigger.

We challenge ourselves to create an out of the scheme party experience you won’t forget.

We aim for one thing: getting people down to the dance floor, and dance together, in the name of the GROOVE, in the name of the FEELING, in the name of the MUSIC, and we do it with our own unique creative approach, with state-of-the-art sound and light equipment, installations and design.

Together with our fans, we are an open mind big family where everyone is welcome.

Constantly evolving, we are outrageous and surprise you is our mission.

If the crowd is impressed, shocked, then we achieved our goal.

Pulling out new themes, create new party concepts, touring around Europe to spread our love and reach as much crowd as possible to share emotion with.


Stay tuned

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