Fiesta Loca

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FIESTA LOCA is a registered party brand born in Italy in 2016
Simply, the biggest and craziest masked party ever, the idea behind is based on a real-world need; nowadays, the clubbing scene is too artist-focused, so that the actual party doesn’t count anymore. With Fiesta Loca you celebrate the Carnival everywhere anytime!
In addition to having great music, Fiesta Loca offers fun, colorful gadgets, installations, inflatables and unconventional entertainment based on juggling, fire-eaters, acrobats, and drag queens performances.
FIESTA LOCA is versatile and it comes in different versions:
Fiesta Loca In The Club: comes in smaller clubs.
Fiesta Loca Festival: makes everything extra-large, making it an open-air festival for thousands of people.
Fiesta Loca Day: Day and/or Pool/Beach Party.


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